Be Consciouss of what you Do and Create something New

Wake up people, the hour of deceit is upon us and whilst the hot air winds of the eastern deserts kick up our frolicking ignorance the world has yet to speak up and out against the tyranny of ill western media exploits that have far cried wolf for too long.

Be creative in all solutions, whether they be political or humanistic for in fact the very reason for humanism is understanding that compromise is not beset only by one side, especially when that side engages in doublespeak in the name of its own “national” interests with no interest in others outside of its boarders.

Hence the definition of ignorance.

We no longer live in the day and age of the imperialist, we live in a the day and age of creativity and sustainability, but in order to achieve that we must learn how to create new ties to our own responsibilities and the consequences that are involved each step of the way without fear mongering for the sake of petty power struggles.

People who are reading this I apologize that I have stepped away for a while or that this next post has no wonderful pictures you can look at but this is about art actually and art that has long gone forgotten due to the world’s whoring of global issues.  This cry for peace and creative solutions is what the art movement has been about in the last 5 years and while not all artists have painted things that speak out against all of the turmoil our doublespeak leaders have made us endure and pay for whether we agreed to it or not it is long due that each one of us start to see through the clutter of lies and propaganda being spewed at us from all directions.  It is not enough to be merely critical of this, but each one of us must start to find effective creative solutions in our everyday lives and with all whom we have contact with.  The more diversity there is in the world the rounder the world can be the more wholesome lives we can all lead together.

P.S. This speech was inspired by the following website: 4.5 = Love Points to Change

Starkart 2.1

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Starkart Zürich Switzerland

Itimidation of a People…

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List of artists by country and peice available on our FB site.

If it wasnt enough that our civil liberaties are being raped and redefined by our tyrant politicians around the world the brutality of our leaders endures through fear felt in how authority is used to intimidate civilians of all walks of life. These pieces depict the violence and sadness that authorities use to hang over our heads as excuse to darken our struggles.

Zurich Artists…

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Epsilon Point pointing fingers with “Starkart”

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Divo Institute…

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Langstrasse Kreis 4 is a place full of lights and the kind of night life that would remind any American of the The Greenwich Village in NY or Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, full of its thriving street city night life. Probably one of the most happening areas in Zürich, Switzerland and probably one of the most heavily debated areas there as well. So its no suprise that this area caters to different types of art galleries but there are few art galleries that give you a sense of being at a squatt that could have very well been opened one day before. Cabaret Vulgaire is deffinately a venue worth the visit because it breathes life into the art gallery scene in such a natural and open way you don`t know if you are there for the party or for entering a different reality where artists have evidently been the main curators of the environment.

“Stencil Bastards” or Iconography 101 street level…

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On the streets of Switzerland one doesn`t typically see graf art with depictions of iconography stemming from people who stamped out their ideologies with the way they saw the world. Perhaps the new philosophers of the world are spreying passionate minds onto the walls in the hopes of showing a poetic stand to the ideologists who gave their lives to revolutionizing humanity. Even when the artists, organized by Roman Lew of the Starkart Gallery gave more than just philosophical icons, they too reminded us that life is colorless without the normal philosophers the “livers” of the world who dot the planet in many a walk of life.

The artists at the Stencil Bastards art show include Epsylon Point, Btoy, C215, Orticanoodles, Leckomio, Eime, and Kris Trappeniers.

You Could Say Science is an Art form of Explanation…

They can`t copyright passion…

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The summer is spotting art exhibitions all across Europe staring artists from the street art scene to the fine art, and contemporary artists but the real questions are what and how many of these artists are reflecting the changes our civilization needs to start to realize.  The definition of art has always been a controversial discussion not just amongst the academics and lords of the times but amongst the artists themselves and more importantly the audiences that view art for free throughout the different mediums that exist in our ever multi-media changing world.  Technology allows the audience to take part in the realization of art and the message or messages audiences have when they interact with art.  It is indeed a time for reflection and for change without misguided perceptions that lead to no real solutions.  Art has the power to draw empathy in the souls of peoples across the globe for different causes but for similar reasons.

The Real Value of Dictatorship and it`s friendship with Capitalism

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Artists in this slide show include the following… Julie Nord, Troels Carlsen, Todd James, Shephard Fairey, Ai Weiwei, Super Master TV, and Atek84

Stop wondering if the way civilization keeps on making empty promises leaves any scars on the people who fuel it.

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